About Me

img_2435My name is Brittany but everyone calls me Britt. Well, everyone except my husband. He’s never once called me Britt, always Brittany and sometimes even my middle name, Catherine. That’s how I knew we were meant to be because I’ve never much felt like a “Brittany”. I think it must be my old soul, but I find Catherine fits me better.

Anyways, I’m a bossy wife, tired mother to toddler boys, home cook, and enthusiastic rookie farmer! I spend part of my days growing and raising humans, animals, and vegetables. I spend the other part of my days bringing the farm to the table, and cooking up some wholesome grub.

I married a good ol’ boy from Kentucky and somehow managed to charm him back to the Buckeye state. We bought a small piece of land in my hometown where we’re learning the whole farm and family thing.

I drink a lot of coffee, a little bit of booze, and despite my efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I cannot be trusted near dessert. I have no will power in that area. zero. If you don’t like cake we simply can’t be friends.

If you think your interested in the farm to table lifestyle, or just plain nosy about my daily life, follow along with me on my journey to self-sufficiency. Watch and laugh as I do my best to make cooking, mothering, and farming look cool again!

Brittany xoxo