Spring: The Best Time Of Year To Start A Homestead

When you’ve been dreaming of starting a homestead, there’s no time like the present. However, Spring may be the easiest and best time of year to launch your homesteading journey!

Spring marks the time of new life. When the grass begins to grow and the birds start to sing again, we are filled with motivation. If you’ve been dreaming up a new homestead life, this fresh season can provide the perfect atmosphere to help you get a start towards a path of self sufficiency.

Ready to start making your homestead dreams a reality but not sure where to start? The good news is this time of year, even before Spring has arrived, the homesteading community is already throwing out tons of knowledge and tips for you to absorb. Bonus: most homesteaders love to teach others so find yourself a fellow homestead friend and start taking notes!

Easy First Steps…

When it comes to homesteading, everyone does it differently and has various homesteading goals in mind. The biggest goal for most homesteaders is to become more self sufficient for food. The best way to go about this is to start a garden, even a small one, and purchase a flock of chickens. It takes time to learn to garden and farm successfully so starting out on a smaller scale will help ease you into it.

Container gardens make an excellent choice for the beginner Gardner. You can take a few raised beds and plant your favorite vegetables or the ones you purchase most often at the store. If you pair that with eggs from your flock of chickens that’s already two food groups to check off your list!

As far as chickens go, there are many wonderful breeds out there. Before you make your purchase determine what your poultry goals are. Do you want frequent egg layers? Multipurpose egg and meat chickens? Or maybe you want to add a few rainbow layers in for some pretty colored eggs. Either route you take, chickens are pretty easy to come by and are a fairly inexpensive homestead purchase.

Just be careful of chicken math, and don’t say I didn’t warn you!!

Be Prepared For Rough Days…

Before you embark on your homesteading journey it’s important to realize that self sufficiency isn’t always dreamy and romantic. There can and will be some rough days on the homestead. The reality is, once you take on certain responsibilities like farm animals and gardening, those things need to be taken care of no matter what else is going on. Much like farmers, homesteaders get up early and brave the weather to take care of livestock and we have to tend the garden even when it’s hot, humid, and we’d rather take a nap! Homesteaders must be self motivated and push through those not so easy days to reap the benefits of homesteading.

Ready, Set, Go!

You can do your due diligence and prepare yourself as much as possible for your homesteading adventure but the truth is, you learn the most by jumping in and doing it!

From my own homesteading journey I can tell you that mistakes will be made. It’s through those mistakes though that you learn your own homesteading strengths and weaknesses and the process gives you a deeper appreciation for self sufficiency.

Take advantage of everything Spring has to offer and take those first monumental steps into homestead life!

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