Bunny Brew: Compost Tea

Put the tea kettle on!

Just kidding, don’t do that! You don’t want to drink Bunny Brew but your garden sure does!

Rabbit compost tea, or Bunny Brew, as I call it is a miracle for the garden. It’s organic fertilizer as it’s finest and can be used to boost your plants safely without damage to your plants or the soil.

Plants love nitrogen, phosphorous, magnesium, sulfur, copper, and calcium. All those lovely big words can be found in rabbit manure! The best news is rabbit manure isn’t a “hot” manure so it will not burn up your plants if applied directly to the garden, and it doesn’t take long to break down and compost.

Bunny Brew is my favorite way to take advantage of all the rabbit droppings we have from our meat rabbits. It’s easy to make, even easier to apply, and your garden will thank you!

Bunny Brew How To:

First you’ll need access to rabbit manure. We happen to have meat rabbits so manure is always in our reach, but you can also purchase rabbit manure in many home and garden stores, or you could just ask a local farmer!

Your also going to need a five gallon bucket with a lid, some kitchen produce scraps, coffee grounds, or yard clippings.

Now get the kettle on!

1. Fill your five gallon bucket with 2-3 scoops of rabbit manure, the kitchen produce scraps, coffee grounds, and yard clippings.

2. Using a water hose for convenience, fill the five gallon bucket 3/4 of the way up with water and give it a stir using a stick or something you don’t care to get poo on!

3. Secure the bucket lid on top and place bucket in a warm, sunny spot for 5-7 days. Remove the lid once a day and give the Brew a good stir, or if you trust the lid enough, pick it up and give it a good shake!

How to apply:

After 5-7 days the compost tea is broken down and ready to feed your garden! You can do this a couple of different ways!

1. You can strain the contents of the compost tea leaving only the liquid to use, or you can just apply the whole thing!

2. Either use the spray method or just pour it out of the bucket. Go around to each plant and pour some or spray some bunny Brew on the base of the plant and on the leaves.

3. If you’d rather not pour the brew directly on your plants you can make a trench at the start of each row, pour the brew in the trench and let it bleed out into the soil.

Apply to your garden once a week or as needed, use when transplanting plants to help ease with transplant stress, and reap the benefits of organic fertilizer without all the other junk!

Its tea time!


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