Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar: Good For You & Your Chicken’s!

By now you’ve probably heard through the grapevine that Apple Cider Vinegar has some pretty great health benefits. What they say is true! But did you know it’s good for you, good for chickens, and easy enough to make at home?

I take raw, unfiltered, apple Cider Vinegar with the “mother” everyday. I also give it to my chickens by putting a couple tablespoons in their water dish. Let me tell you why….

A Few Health Benefits of ACV:

  • Mildly anti-septic
  • Rich in antibodies
  • Boosts immune systems
  • Balances PH in the body
  • Promotes good bacteria and gut health
  • Mildly anti fungal

For all the reasons above and more, I take apple Cider Vinegar everyday as a daily tonic and also give a dose to my flock of chickens to promote health and boost immunity.

If your new to the world of ACV, it’s important to know that in order to get he benefits of this Vinegar, you have to have raw, unfiltered ACV with the “mother”. The “mother” is simply a colony of good bacteria. It’s where all the antibodies are. When you filter out or pasteurize the good bacteria you lose all those great health benefits.

Now if you’ve ever bought ACV from the store you know it can sometimes be pretty pricey. It’s so easy to make at home though! Here’s what you need…

Supplies & Ingredients:

  • Enough cut apples or apple scraps (peels, cores, etc.) to fill a quart jar.
  • One quart mason jar
  • Coffee filter or cheese cloth
  • Rubber and or ring to a mason jar lid
  • Water

Are you ready for the easiest directions ever????


  1. Fill a quart jar 3/4 of the way with apples and apple scraps.
  2. Pour enough water into the jar to cover the apples, but still leave a little room at the top of the jar about an inch or inch and half.
  3. Place your coffee filter or cheese cloth over the top of the jar.
  4. Secure the filter or cheese cloth with a rubber band or ring of a mason jar lid.
  5. Store in a pantry or cupboard for 4 weeks.
  6. After four weeks, strain the apple pieces from the jar. Use them in your compost or feed them to the chickens.
  7. Once your left with just the liquid, cover and store again for another two weeks.

*This Extra two week period of letting the liquid sit will help form the mother. You can add a tablespoon of raw sugar or honey if you’d like to speed up the process.*

8. Once you reach the 6 week mark you should find the “mother” forming in your ACV. It should look like gelatin or a blob with stuff floating around in there.

*This means it’s ready!*

Now your ready to enjoy your ACV and use it as you please. Store it in your pantry with wax paper or cheese cloth between the jar lid. This will help prevent corrosion of the lid.

Once you have your first batch completed, you can use a couple tablespoons from it to jump start your next batch, making the process go a bit faster.

I like to use my homemade ACV as the base for Fire Cider, an immune boosting tonic that I make and take daily. I also cook with ACV, use it in my cleaning products, and of course feed it to my chickens!

All hail the power of raw Apple cider vinegar!!!

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