What’s all the duck about…

Move over farm fresh chicken eggs, it’s time for the duck egg to shine!!!!

That’s right, you read that correctly…DUCK EGGS!!! If you haven’t tried a duck egg before, you really need to ASAP!

Here’s why….


Duck eggs are delicious. They taste like chicken eggs but richer. You could call them the Cadillac of eggs! Fried in butter, scrambled with a dash of hot sauce, or cracked in some cake batter, they are yummy!


You guessed it, duck eggs are pretty dang good for you! They are double the size of chicken eggs so that means more protein, more fatty acids, more Vitamin D, and more antioxidants!!!

You can typically use one duck egg for every two chicken eggs. Also, duck eggs keep longer than chicken eggs thanks to their extra thick shell.


When I’m not just eating plain duck eggs, I love to bake with them and find they make my cakes extra fluffy! I also use them in homemade egg noodles! Did I already mention cake????? Oh I did, ok then moving on…

Since duck eggs are larger than chicken eggs, they also contain more calories, cholesterol, and fat. That’s something to think about, but if your a normal healthy person, a duck egg a day should do you good! They truly pack a nutritional punch!

Convinced yet????

If your already eating duck eggs here’s a virtual fist bump from me! If your not eating them yet, run over to your local farmers market and snag you some… when I say “snag” I mean pay for them!You won’t be sorry!


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