Sunday Cinnamon Rolls- From Scratch

Everyone loves a good cinnamon roll but let's face it, they aren't a quick and easy treat to make. Good, homemade cinnamon rolls take time, a little bit of skill, and are truthfully a labor of love. I took some time during our recent Ohio snow storm to perfect my cinnamon roll recipe! It only... Continue Reading →

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Spring: The Best Time Of Year To Start A Homestead

When you've been dreaming of starting a homestead, there's no time like the present. However, Spring may be the easiest and best time of year to launch your homesteading journey! Spring marks the time of new life. When the grass begins to grow and the birds start to sing again, we are filled with motivation.... Continue Reading →

Bunny Brew: Compost Tea

Put the tea kettle on! Just kidding, don't do that! You don't want to drink Bunny Brew but your garden sure does! Rabbit compost tea, or Bunny Brew, as I call it is a miracle for the garden. It's organic fertilizer as it's finest and can be used to boost your plants safely without damage... Continue Reading →

Handmade, Rustic French Loaf

Making bread by hand is an art; an intricate dance that is done differently by every baker. It's also one of the best self sufficiency skills I've ever learned. To top it off, my hunky farmhand husband is the one who taught me all about bread baking. How lucky am I? One of the first... Continue Reading →

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